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There is a wealth of information on this website. If you are looking for the latest information on tax deductible rules for long-term care insurance, click on the Tax Deductibility tab in our Learning Center for the tax deduction rules and limits.

There are many ways to save on long-term care insurance and we provide information. Click on the Ways To Save tab.

At some point, you really will need to speak directly with a long-term care insurance professional. They can tell you whether you can health qualify for this protection - which is critical. Be sure to ask if they represent only one insurance company or if they will check multiple insurance companies to get you the best coverage for the lowest cost.

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While the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance does not sell insurance we want to help. We try to answer all possible questions and address all requests for assistance. We welcome your calls or e-mails.

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Do all long-term care insurance policies cost the same? Definitely not and that's one reason why it pays to speak with a knowledgeable long-term care insurance professional.
What age is the best age sto start long-term care planning? I like to say the sweet spot is between age 52 and 64 ... but keep reading

Where can I read how to reduce the cost of LTC insurance. We have several great guides that previously appeared in issues of Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine. Click the link to access them.
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Make me smarter! Are there secrets worth sharing before I meet with an agent? Ah, the Internet … making us all smarter. Each insurance carrier has one or more "sweet spots" generally based on which ages and health conditions they believe are most

I'm 57 and married, how much does long-term care insurance cost? What you pay is determined by your age, your health and how much protection you select when you apply. But, you want a bottom line. We do a Price Index study

I've read about rate increases. Should I be concerned? It's hard to give a complex answer in just a few words, but let me try. The policies you are reading about in some news stories typically were issued 10 or 15 years ago

How do the new long-term care partnership plans differ from other Long Term Care insurance plans? About 40 states have adopted Long-Term Care Insurance Partnership plans and others will undoubted do so.

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